The reservation system connects the production system (as it searches for and sets prh3ices by products) with the inventory system (from which it selects items and makes reservations). The reservation system also keeps track of all business transactions (under reservation numbers) and operates follow-up processes, such as making out of contracts, invoicing or data transfer to the accounting system.

Reservation via website

This function is for users accessing the system via the Internet or for retailers without deeper training or authorization in the system.

Entering request

The user selects parameters of the searched tour. In addition to basic parameters such as::
  • destination
  • date
  • type of transport
  • type of tour

the user may also enter:   • number of adults and children they want to accommodate
  • maximum price per adult,
or they can select from other categories and code lists the tours have been customized with.

Search result

The system scans the database of tours located in the central search engine. It is an auxiliary table of all transport and accommodation combinations of the actual tours.

The search process retrieves a list of tours corresponding to the search criteria and having free capacity for the indicated number of adults and children.

The user is also shown tour details with text descriptions and pictures, they go through the dates and prices of all combinations of transport and accommodation.

Online reservation

If the user selects a specific date, an on-line order appears in the form of price list items with a quantity defining form for each service. If the system knows the number of adults and children from the previous step, it automatically and immediately completes this data.

The on-line form already has a validation of the relationship between required and optional entries on the website, the accommodation capacity of selected rooms etc. The site also calculates the total price. The user can enter contactee’s information and book only for a limited time or continue entering all fellow-travellers and finish the binding purchase with on-line payment.

The booking system performs actual blocking of the units, the sale marks the unit as sold and also generates a travel contract.

On-line payment

The system supports online payment by cards with 3D secure service as well as by cards without this service.

Reservation via terminal

Another way to make a reservation is reserved for a tour-operator representative at a call centre or at branch offices, or for a trained representative of major retailers.

Entering request

The operator defines the search criteria of tours including the definition of the departure date, duration of the stay and tolerance for the duration in days. It is also possible to search in the tour name or by the tour code.

Status of available capacities

The search result is different from the searching via website. With each found combination of transport and accommodation, there are also indicated numbers of vacant and reserved units on the way there, back or accommodation units. The operator can therefore select the locality which should be sold more or the one having less reservations.

With each tour the operator can open a window with a description and pictures, they can add the client to the waiting list with booked tours or they can proceed directly to booking with available dates.

Making a reservation

Making a reservation via terminal is freer than via websites. The user selects the number of individual rooms or tickets. After entering the contactee’s information, the operator makes a reservation.


The sale can be dealt with later on after making the reservation. The operator adds travellers and also price list items depending on the reserved capacities and services required.

The system offers available discounts, calculates the total price and issues payment instructions.

The travel contract in MS Word or PDF, order confirmation and other documents are then generated by one operation.

Work with reservation number

Once a reservation number is created, it is possible to continue working with it, e.g. make another order, cancel or select discounts. The reservation system also includes a link to the economic system and, in some cases, the reservation system also replaces the cash registers of the economic system.

Additional orders and cancellation

After completion of the sale of the reservation number, it is possible to add capacity reservations. One reservation number keeps track of which items have been sold and which ones only reserved. Likewise, all reserved items may have different expiration dates.

Freeing up already sold capacities generates a cancellation report. The system suggests a predefined cancellation fee, but the user may change it manually.


Discounts are administered by an authorized user. These may be linked to a number of parameters – from the application time interval through the departure time, relation to the type of tour, destination or type of transport. Discounts may also be linked to conditions checked by the retailer, such as a school report discount.

Special type of discounts are discounts conditioned by entering a discount voucher code. Such discounts may be applied only in a limited period, by entering the discount code. Such a discount is applicable also via the Internet and it can be used to monitor the return on advertisements where the code is to be provided.

For each reservation number, only current discounts which are actually applicable with the selected tour in the selected period are offered.


The system administrates its own voucher management. It keeps track of voucher numbers and tracks location of each piece of vouchers from the central office, through retailing and the situation when the voucher is in circulation, to its application in the customer’s payment and its return to the central office.

Together with its own vouchers, the system also monitors foreign vouchers, from the application in the customer’s payment to the handover and money collection.

Retailers and commissions

The amount of commission is fully administrable by the operator. A wide range of commissions and dispensations may be entered and these commissions may be determined only by a certain type of tours, departure times, type of transport or destination. A completely different commission policy may be set for each retailer category (again, this category is user-administrable).

If the current user is a retailer or the operator places the order on behalf of the retailer, commissions are calculated continuously for each price list item.

After the tour departure, the system issues commission invoices directly for the retailer who inserts such an invoice into their accounts then or it issues a copy with its own number. Checking of incoming invoices is thereby not necessary.


The system keeps track of payments paid for a specific reservation number. The payment may be composed of the following items:
  • cash payment at the checkout
  • card payment at the checkout
  • voucher payment
  • online card payment
  • bank transfer payment

All incoming payments including the type, date and other details are recorded with each registration number.


The system makes it possible to generate invoices for a specific reservation number, for the full amount related to the reservation number as well as several invoices for a part of the total amount.

Invoices may be generated by an operator untrained in accounting, in extreme cases even by the customer themselves via their user profile. The invoices are forwarded online to the accounting system.

Cash registers

Although cash registers are not part of the production system, for many reasons they have been removed and put in the reservation system. Cash registers especially deal with the following operations related to the reservation numbers:
  • receipt of cash payments for a reservation number
  • receipt of card payments for a reservation number
  • voucher payment for a reservation number
  • issuing of over-payments for a reservation number

and also operations related to payments in general
  • sale of goods
  • dispensing of cash for administrative invoices
  • sale of vouchers
  • doping of the cash register and transfers to bank
  • stocktaking

The documents issued thereof flow-line to the accounting system.

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