What is the framework "Magic2G"?

Magic2G Framework is the basis for large-scale informational systems.

All sections and modules use the same properties as
• graphical appearance
• logical behavior of the system
• management of access rights etc.

Framework is an integral basis for the whole system.

Desktop and pop-up windows

The system is running on the server and is managed through a web browser. After entering into the system the user has the desktop in which takes the place the work with the system. On the desktop are opening the pop-up windows representing agendas or individual objects.

The windows can be treated as classic Windows but they are open in the only one browser (such as worksheets in MS Excel). Therefore, the system does not bother the user with a number of opened browser windows. Opened windows are cooperating and transferring the selected data between themselves.

The system has prepared a number of objects with which the user can perform operations and processes. Objects are grouped into agendas. The object can be for example a hotel, the agenda is then hotels management. Each agenda includes objects search by many different parameters. Each object carries a lot of information, which are then neatly divided into tabs.

The described logic is supported by the basic framework Magic2G and is common for all product lines and all agendas. Properties of objects and work with them are solved with universal elements, which is making the work with the system intuitive for the user and also it is easy to add new elements to the development of some individual agendas or compilation of new modules.

Solution of system operating through a web browser is minimizing the cost of maintenance and installation of workstation for the users. All updates are also distributed immediately to all users, so everyone has the latest version of the system available in real time.

Off-line operation

Difficult operations running from agendas over the framework Magic2G, which fulfilling can be from seconds to hours, takes place in the background. The user does not have to, after running such an operations, watch the progress bar, but can continue to work and continuously monitor the percentage fulfillment result of such operation.

Functions and objects on the page

The individual functions, edit boxes and tools are existing as independent units which can be on several sites, objects or tabs used repetitively. This allows for example select of an entry from the tree structure just once and then apply that select to any number of places.

This feature for example makes easy to rearrange a specific editing page according to ergonomic experiences with the operation.

Language versions

Menu items, descriptions of forms and help are in the system separated from the application logic and the user interface. This allows modification of the system into a number of languages. The user can choose which language version he wants to use. In one installation, one user can work in the Czech language, the other in English.

Graphic design

The appearance of the information system is saved through the internet technology in one place and the change of the graphical design of the whole system thus represents a relatively inexpensive intervention.

User settings

The system records for each registered user his own settings. Method of opening windows, background color or saving the last used values in search filters remains for each user according to his preferences.



tourism, outgoing
Contains: inventory systems, reservation systems, folding of products, support of DTP publications, search engines, presentation of the tours, on-line service from booking through sales to check out.
It is designed for: tour operators, vendors of the tours, operators of web portals


Focus: congress tourism, incoming, Events
Includes: registration systems, management systems of abstracts and full-texts, evidence of budgets and preparation of the offers.
Systems support events such as congress, conference, exhibition and accompanying programs
It is designed for: organizers of social events, congress and conference agencies

Focus: administration in the industry field
Includes: registration systems, online trading with capacities and goods, production planning, composing of sources, work with barcodes
It is designed for: industrial organizations



Focus: all areas with needs of data presentation on the www
Contains: content management system to manage a group of websites and portals. Tools for integration with other product lines built over Framework Magic2G
It is designed for: all areas

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle