The basic modules available in each deployment of Magic2G

The system consists of several independent modules. A module consists of a range of agenda and tools for working with the objects of these agenda. The following modules are available in the basic installation:

Records of people

People appear in many agenda and parts of the system. They might be passengers on a means of transport, users with specific access rights, employees in the organisational structure or buying customers.

The basic setting of the system includes central records of people that allow people to be entered and edited from various parts of the system. At the same time, however, the system monitors and minimises the duplicity of records.

We keep the basic information on record about people and supplement this with agenda such as:

 • addresses;

 • contacts;

 • payment cards;

 • bank accounts;

 • documents.

One person might have several such records within each agenda and these records could bear the sign of the user-defined table of keys. For example, the address could be the billing, correspondence or home address, contacts might contain any number of phone numbers, faxes, www address or ICQ numbers. The types of contact information can be added to by a user authorised to do so.

We keep a complete history on record for people, meaning that a person submitted under one agenda has current values from the time of entering in the relevant agenda, but that the user works with the very latest contacts in the case of a new entry.

Records of organisations

As is the case for people, organisations can appear in the system in different agenda and roles, such as suppliers, customers, transporters etc.

This agenda is again dealt with centrally and uses the same windows for entering and editing organisations in all parts of the system. The organisations in the system include companies and plants and natural persons undertaking business with a Company Registration Number.

As is the case for people, organisations might have a number of addresses, a superior organisation, a number of contacts and bank accounts etc.

User administration

A "user” is a person's identity in the system. If required, a person might have more than one user identity; we can also make it possible for an anonymous user to exist without defining that person. When accessing the system, the user provides his/her name and password.

The user is only able to access the functions and data that his/her defined user profile allows him/her according to the roles assigned. Therefore, users who see the one system in very different ways can access the system. The administrator on the customer side assigns roles in the system.

Roles and locks

A user profile consists of roles. A role is a set of authorisations for the functions and agenda that a user can work with in the system. Locks can be created for entire agenda and for individual functions. The more complex logic of processing or displaying data might also be conditional on a lock.

Files and images

Files are saved in the file system under their own code. The database of hundreds of gigabytes of data does not therefore slow down the database source and the availability of a file is very quick. When saving a photograph, the system automatically generates a preview definition so that work with print quality photographs is not slowed down by the format or size of the original file.

Records of files and images can be attached to various objects. In addition to entering images from a hard disk, there are powerful tools here with which to search out and choose images from an archive already in existence. One image can therefore be used for more than one object and for objects that differ in type. The image of a hotel, for example, might feature for the hotel, the holiday or a description of the destination.

When using and exporting, the system is able to provide either a reasonably-sized preview or the original size and format.  

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle