Regular service activities

To enable the users to take advantage of the whole potential of the application of an information system or web sites it is important to modify the application according to their current needs. That is why we have prepared a range of services which can be used during the whole life of an application.

We provide the services according to the Microsoft Operations Framework ®


This service helps to solve substandard situations, solutions of new requirements and answering questions. The base is a system for evidence of requirements and a Helpdesk manager who solves the requirements immediately or ensures their solution.

This service includes a customer access to the evidence system of requirements where he/she can see the status of particular accepted requirements and also the quickness of reaction. All answers and offers are always at disposal due to this portal.


Hotline means processing of requirements and informing about the system status by telephone, by a dedicated telephone line. In case that the operator is not able to answer a question or solve a requirement by his / herself he/she arranges a telephone consultation with a person in charge.

Technical support

Technical support means in fact a group of programmers who are responsible for technical solutions of customer requirements accepted through Helpdesk and Hotline. The substitutability of team members is guaranteed and the members are always trained in the current version of administered application

Analytic and methodic support

Not only technical support, also a team of analysts who are familiar with the systems connected with this service is at your disposal.

The analysts solve questions about how to realize your ideas and models of work with the help of our systems and prepare system designs and modifications in order to meet your requirements and improve the system quality

SEO optimization

While running the web applications, which success depends on how difficult it is to find them out in the Internet browsers, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist is at disposal.

The SEO optimization means continuous status monitoring of how difficult it is to find out and modify key words and links in a presentation.

The owner of a presentation defines aims which shall be achieved. Regular adjustments of content and technical parts of a web presentation are instruments determined to this activity.

Service readiness guarantee

The evidence of system users, access of these users to modules, knowledge of implementation of system version and various provided changes and modifications lead to the creation of a new service.

While implementing a system we will train your users in those parts of the system which they will work with and we will inform them continuously about changes in these parts. We can also provide regular supplementary training and examinations.

This will eliminate the user overload with irrelevant information and simplify the users´ changes and arrivals of new users.

The result is optimal system utilization by each particular user and minimum questions about the way of work with the system.

Web assistant

People managing the web who do not want to manage the content through administration interface on their own can take advantage of our well trained assistant who is a consultant, data encoder and project manager in one person. He/she is able to realize small graphic designs and ensures also small technical adjustments.

Web hosting

We are able to host your web presentation on our server farm on the general net.

Application hosting

Hosting of more sophisticated systems includes, in contrast to a common hosting, also allocation of machine time, ensuring of internet availability in defined quality, ensuring of quick operation recovery in case of accidents, larger impress system, continuous monitoring of applications and a lot of another services.

Application hosting is services which replace your team of server managers, database specialists, hardware purchases or impress media management.

Project services

Before starting the project, while implementing the application or whenever it is needed our service stays here for you. We are prepared to help you to explain any process with minimal risk and stress.


We have experience with creation of web presentations, information portals and with creation and implementation of company applications.

Our consultants are at your disposal if when you intend to realize a new system or to implement any of our products. Consultation from the very beginning of your intention lowers the risk in the following stages of the realization


The system implementation in the customer setting includes many service activities and a mutual project management. The system implementation consists of the following components:

Preparation before starting project
  - initial consultation
  - entrance analysis
  - definition of customer needs
  - composition of future vision
  - definition of needed system modification

  - design of system modifications
  - system installation
  - connection to other systems of customer (integration)
  - users training

Operation support
  - pilot operation monitoring
  - service activities

Implementation is your access to the world of integrated system provided by one supplier.

We provide the services according to the Microsoft Operations Framework ®

Analytic work

New requirements and looking for solutions how to realize new business and organization models by setting of our systems – that is analyst´s work.

We dispose of a team of analysts, including specialized roles of business process analyst, system analyst and solution architect.

One-time data transfers

While implementing system, data which allow the transmission into a new structure are by a single application individually transmitted.

Whenever during the application life we are ready to eliminate difficult data re-writing which already exist in an electronic form.


The training includes above all the training of users after a system implementation or the training of new coming users. It also includes an illustration of the work with the system and information how to apply your business and organization models in our systems, usually also presentation, discussion, practical exercises and final exams.


When the system implementation is voluminous we are prepared to provide you with the training in a correspondence form and an on-line discussion with a trainer.

The users are thought in the form of access to interactive web sites and do their own operations in the beta version of a system, step by step according to instructions in each lesson. A part of materials describing the instructions is at their dispose all the time.

The advantage is that it is not necessary to travel to the place of training everyone can progress as it is convenient, is trained in his/her workplace and can adjust his/her time schedule to his/her work.

Graphic design, re-design

Graphic designs and creation of new web presentations and banners are made by our own and also external graphic designers.

All the graphic designs respect technological possibilities. We make use of modern trends in the ergonomic of web sites and systems.

Our graphic designers are not only common designers but also experienced marketing consultants. That is why there is a meeting with a customer before each larger project where we ensure the aim of a presentation, the target group, present experience of a customer and his/her marketing strategy.

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle